Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beginner 101 Tab

It has been a busy winter, lots of changes for my family. As I was thinking through some things several random thoughts popped up, it occurred to me that I don't have a Beginner 101 tab on my list of labels. Really, I didn't think I needed one because everything on this blog is supposed to be beginner doable, however it might point out the less scary recipes or the ones with more photos (are there any with fewer photos?). So today I added a Beginner 101 tab, I will be editing the labels on each recipe as I go along but almost everything on here, except the Manicotti, would be super easy for someone starting out. 
Since we can't have a post without photos here are some random photos to go with the random thoughts.
As much as you can, know where your food comes from :)
Give your best!
Know where you are going, someone is always following.
Enjoy what you do, it will mean so much more to those around you.
Enjoy G-d's creation.
Even the humble egg can be a beautiful offering.
Take everyone seriously, except yourself of course. 
Love always! It never fails.

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