Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pizza Pockets

Pizza usually flies with everyone. Around here there are no two people who like the same combination of toppings on a pizza,  we do however have a few in common. Cheese, lots of it, then onion,s and mushrooms, that is the base, peppers on half, olives on the other half, turkey pepperoni down the middle so there is some pepper with pepperoni and some olive with pepperoni but not on all of it. Sound like too much trouble? I only do this the last few years, after two of my children have moved out. I used to make the whole pie the same except for the pepperoni which one of us absolutely won't eat, since that person is the cook then she gets what she wants, pure and simple.

This is a simple version of pizza, hand held, single serving, very convenient if you need portion control, or want to freeze some for lunches, snacks, or "crazy busy" nights.

I used the French bread dough found here: and our favorite toppings.To make them super easy just use some frozen dough from the supermarket.
 The one in the photo is mine, cheese, a little sauce, mushrooms, olives, and onions.
 Mmmm, can't wait for leftovers!
Roll out the dough.

Cut into pieces, I have four here. Load with toppings, remember that you have to fold each one over and roll and crimp the edges so don't put so much that the dough tears.
 About that much.
Now fold half over and roll the ends up slightly to seal. Place on a parchment lined, or lightly greased, sheet pan.

Brush with garlic butter, or olive oil, sprinkle with oregano.
Set aside to rise for 45 minutes.
Bake at 350F. for 25-35 minutes, depends on how large and full you made them, or until golden. Let rest for 10 minutes so the cheese settles and doesn't run out, dribbling all down your shirt.
For freezing, wrap well in freezer paper, freeze for up to 4 months. I like to place individually wrapped pockets in a large ziploc bag so they stay together.
My family likes extra pizza sauce for dipping. Enjoy!

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