Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Cut a Fresh Pineapple

Here is a quick "how to" for anyone looking for basics.
Select one that is golden on the bottom, not green and hard all over. It should be fragrant, if you can't smell pineapple then it isn't ripe.
Twist off the top.
Slice off each end.
 Stand on end.
 Slice down each side to remove the outer rind.

 This is the core in the center.
 Slice down next to the core.
 Toss the core into the compost, your garden will appreciate you.
 Cut each piece into long slices.
 Then line up the slices and cut into chunks.


  1. I do appreciate this post. I have always wanted fresh pineapple, but the idea of all the cutting gets me to not buy it. However, your instructions here make the task seem very easy. I may just be picking up a fresh pineapple soon!

  2. Definitely Tina, much easier than those wonderful desserts you have been posting!