Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to peel a Pomegranate

I recently was eating some pomegranate seeds as my neighbor walked in the back door. Wrinkling her nose and glaring at them, asked what "those things" were. "Why these beautiful, ruby red gems are so delicious and healthy, how is it you have never seen pomegranate seeds? Here, try some." Tentatively, grudgingly, she put one in her mouth, huh. Okay. You eat the seeds? You only eat the seeds?" "Yep!" We often have these intellectually stimulating conversations.  I will give you this much, while peeling, they don't appear too appetizing. But the unwrapping is an exercise in patience and well rewarded.

So here is the unwrapping process.

First, cut off both ends with a sharp knife. 

Score the sides, don't cut too deeply or you will cut into the seeds.

Fill a bowl with cool water and soak the pomegranate for 15-20 minutes.

After the outer peel is softened start peeling the white away.

I peel it over and into the bowl of water because the seeds will sink and the white pith will float making it very easy to collect the seeds.

Gently loosen the seeds. Yum! Juicy, rich tasting pomegranate seeds, packed with antioxidants. Eat these alone, as a snack or toss into a salad, I'm sure once you try them you'll think of lots of ways to use these.



  1. I was just getting ready to get out a pomegranate for Jesse and me. I always get so frustrated with peeling them, I'm going to try this method now! :) Also, I made the Spicy Chicken Enchilada Soup tonight and loved it! Jesse says he likes your Taco Soup better though. :P

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  3. That is a good one, but I like the enchilada soup better. Ha! Hmm, sounds good tonight since I have some leftover chicken. Thanks!