Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Condiments

My neighbor called recently asking , no not for a cup of sugar, for tartar sauce. We don't use it often enough to keep it from going bad and it's so inexpensive to make I just don't buy it. I asked her if she had mayo, pickle relish and onion, if she didn't I could certainly give her any of those. By then she had walked her cordless phone across the street and was ringing the door bell, I just love her! I pointed out that basic tartar sauce was nothing more than these ingredients but she could dress it up with extra stuff to add more flavor or color. Like what? Hot sauce, is my favorite, or finely shredded carrots, chili powder, garlic...I make mine with really good, briny dill pickles instead of relish. She preferred sweet pickle relish. I don't know if I won her over from the ho-hum stuff in the jar, but at least their fish was dressed that night. I'm waiting for her to ask for salad dressing.
There is no right or wrong with this, I use about a half cup of mayo or veganaise (it's healthier) and a couple tablespoons of everything else except the hot sauce, of course, just a few drops.
 Here it is all mixed up. Capers would have been good in it too. This is a good place to hide finely mince peppers or other veggies for the kids (or finicky husbands).

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  1. HAH! I knew you were hiding icky vegetables in my food all along!