Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peet's Coffee--My New Favorite

My friend, Heather, and I share a love for a great cup of coffee. A few months ago she and her family moved to Texas, I miss watching her open the bag of coffee beans and enjoy their aroma before measuring them into the grinder. It is an art, coffee at Heather's home is always about engaging all the senses.

She recently sent a bag of coffee beans for me to enjoy, and enjoy them I did. They were so dark and glossy, the fragrance rich and bold. These photos don't do it justice, they were taken long before sunrise so the lighting was poor but believe me it was most certainly a beautiful morning.
Just before grinding.
The fragrance was incredible.
Steeping in the French press.
 Gather the optional accompaniments.
Almost ready...

 Note the tiny box with the ribbon, it contained the richest truffles I have ever enjoyed, thanks Heather--you're the best!


  1. I am so glad you like it!! It is divine, esp. when made in a french press.
    I like the picts!
    I am wanting to catch up, perhaps we can simultaneously sip a cup of coffee while on the phone - at least until we can enjoy a cup together, in person.