Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Thoughts and Projects

The wind is howling, drifting snow against the garage. I am grateful to be in on such a blustery day, warm, the fragrance of marinara sauce and meatballs wafting through the air as it simmers. I wish I could say that I had a cup of coffee in hand, unfortunately, I finished it quite a while ago.

This is Turkish, he was sleeping peacefully until I, ever so quietly, padded across the room and snapped the photo. Too bad I forgot to turn off the flash. He is enjoying this snow storm from under a cozy quilt.
This time of year draws me to stop and ponder different areas of my life. I recently did some mid-year tweaking of the home school curriculum, changing Math seems to have smoothed out some of the rough spots of each day.

I have not been posting as frequently as I had been for many months, not that I am not cooking, just nothing really stands out in the food department. I think blogs should reflect the things the author enjoys or it is fruitless labor. My family is shrinking, being in the kitchen is an adjustment, less people, busy schedules, equals less adventure. Time for some adjustments, maybe a new tab soon for smaller quantities.

My younger daughter is planning her wedding, this will mean more sewing projects for a season. I just finished this messenger bag, she asked for a map of the United States of America, in buttons, across the front, she had seen a photo of a button map on Pinterest. Nothing difficult, but she would like a zipper at the top, a zipper pocket inside, a long strap, and a Velcro closure on the front flap, and no, there is no pattern.
 Buttons from my Grammy's button jar, sometimes it is the little things that mean so  much.
 How did I do? She is happy.

A little meandering, no food pictures, perhaps the next post will be back to normal. I have a sugar-free, no-bake peanut butter cheese cake recipe to make and photograph, but then again, I also have a denim quilt almost cut out too.

It is supposed to snow through the night, we shall see what the morning brings, I do know this, it will bring a hot cup of coffee!

Happy New Year!

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